Worried about losing files? There is no need to worry, because unlike many of the 'other guys' I don't make a habit of just re-formatting your computer to fix it. I simply fix the problems correctly in the first place. If someone has told you that you need to completely reformat your computer to get it fixed, the chances are they simply do not know what they are doing, and although this is occasionally necessary, 95% of the time your computer can be fixed without taking such drastic measures.


I should be your first port of call if you accidentally delete your files or folders or if you’ve formatted your hard disk or if your hard drive packs in. You don't need to pay for an expensive hard drive specialist as I will try and salvage as much data as I can from your hard disk, recovering important documents and irreplaceable photographs. In the rare event that I cannot recover your files, you will not be charged, and you can at least be assured that you've exhausted all of your options before paying the price for a data recovery service lab! My data recovery prices start at just £45 and I will back-up everything to DVD for you.




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